Sunday, June 26, 2016

New Breweries in Ventura - Part 2

Made West

This is the second of three posts by the former Ventura Craft Beer Examiner on new breweries in Ventura.

The aesthetic at Made West, located at 1744 Donlon Street in Ventura, is decidedly "industrial." With beers named "Standard," "Pale," "IPA," and "Classic," the emphasis is on the beer, not the marketing.

In contrast to the artful, hand-drawn menus at both Poseidon and Topa Topa, the lineup for Made West was announced via the kind of old school fluorescent menu board the So Cal Craft Beer blogger remembers from independent meat markets and drive-ins.

The highlight beer of this tasting was the Prospect, a vanilla coffee porter with "a heavy dosing of whole Madagascar Vanilla beans and 100 pounds of single origin coffee beans from El Salvador," roasted by Prospect Coffee Roasters, located on the other side of Telephone Road from Made West.

Made West beer is currently distributed by Stone in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

Marketing and Art Director Scott Chenoweth has the best beard on the Made West team.

On a personal note: according to Made West's Facebook feed, the brewery opened this year on January 30, which just happens to be the So Cal Craft Beer Blogger's birthday. Coincidence? Perhaps.

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