Sunday, June 26, 2016

New Breweries in Ventura - Part 1

Poseidon Brewing Company

The former Ventura Craft Beer Examiner (VCBE) -- now the So Cal Craft Beer Blogger -- recently spent a lovely weekend in Ventura drinking fresh new Ventura Craft Beer. This is the first of three posts.

Located at 5777 Olivas Park Drive in Ventura, Poseidon Brewing makes some very worthy craft beer. Two standouts from the SCCB's tasting of ALL the brews in the lineup above were Bubblehead Blood Orange Pale Ale, which was like a fruit punch in beer form, and Dirty Diver Double IPA, which was smooth like butter. We've tasted nothing else like it.

Here are the tasting notes on these two from the brewery's website:
Bubblehead Blood Orange Pale Ale ~ New Batch Released May 21, 2016 ~ American Pale Ale; 5.7% ABV; 32 IBUs; Hop forward, dry, oranges/floral
Bubblehead Blood Orange Pale Ale is a citrus-centric American Pale Ale. We dry hopped this beauty with Cascade hops and plenty of blood orange zest from our friends at Casitas Valley Farm. Strong citrus and mild pine aromas are present and the malt profile is mild with a solid hop bite in the finish. If you love flavorful pale ales, this is a must have. 
Dirty Diver Double IPA - Mosaic ~ Released June 4, 2016 ~ Double India Pale Ale; 8.6% ABV; 100+ IBUs; Hop forward, bitter, tropical fruit/tangerines

For this Double IPA, we focused on extracting as much hop flavor as possible without extracting excessive hop bitterness. We used over three pounds per barrel of Columbus, Cascade, Centennial and Mosaic hops. We kept the water profile free of minerals to deceptively decrease bitterness and soften the mouth feel. Orange in color with hop aromas of mangoes, guavas and tangerines, Dirty Diver ~ Mosaic is sure to satisfy your craving for hops. 
Poseidon opened on August 11, 2014 and all we can say is that we don't know why it took us so long to get there! Co-proprietor Vinita told us that the brewery currently has a very limited distribution footprint. "You can find us in Ventura at Barrelhouse 101 and Saloon BBQ Company," she said, "and in Ojai at The Deer Lodge. We just started on tap at Brasserie Communautaire in Oxnard. And then we're on several rotating taps, including Two Trees Cafe in Ventura, Newhall Refinery in Newhall, Ojai Beverage Company in Ojai, Golden Nugget Pub in Simi Valley and Villa Wine Bar and Kitchen in Santa Barbara."

Finally, you gotta check out Crew Member Ginny's amazing tattoos. The Navy SEABEE Veteran has deployed in Africa, Spain, Japan, Iraq, Kuwait, the Philippines, and Guam, among other places, and claims to have enjoyed beer from over 190 countries. Just think about that for a minute. How many beer-producing countries can you name? How many places can you imagine beer is made? That still leaves about 100 countries that the SCCB Blogger cannot even comprehend as places you can say you've enjoyed beer from.

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