Monday, March 10, 2014

Firestone Walker Releases a Saison

Described in the Firestone Walker press release as "a rootsy, rustic dry-hopped saison that merges Belgian tradition with West Coast style," Opal is Firestone Walker's first-ever bottled saison.

Brewmaster Matt Brynildson confesses, "We've been playing around with farmhouse ales for years, exploring and fine tuning all sorts of variations." With this recipe, the Paso Robles brewery finally decided to "make the jump."

This beer style originated in the French-speaking part of Belgium, Wallonia, where the beer was brewed in farmhouses during the cooler, less active months of the year, stored, and then served to farm workers throughout the busy summer season.

California, in its third year of drought, has been experiencing summer-like conditions for the past several months (with the exception of one big rainstorm the first weekend in March), so it probably is as good a time as any to release a summer season -- or saison, if you're speaking Walloon or French -- ale.

So Cal Craft Beer frequently recommends saisons to people -- many of whom are women -- who claim to be strictly wine drinkers, declaring that "saison is basically champagne in beer form." This has made converts of a few. According to Firestone Walker, Opal combines "lemongrass and gooseberry," with "peppery spice and fresh grain aromas." The Belgian saison yeast "creates a complex yet dry canvas with splashes of citrus and stone fruit with a bright tropical white wine finish," proving that So Cal Craft Beer is not so far off in our estimations of the style.

Brewmaster Brynildson confides, "We're usually very transparent when it comes to the ingredients of our beers. But Belgian brewers tend to be a bit cagey with the details, and that's what gives a lot of farmhouse ales their mystique." Brynildson claims there's a secret spice in Opal, but he's not divulging what it may be.

If you wanted to compare Opal to several other saisons, just to get the feel of the style, So Cal Craft Beer recommends Duvel and Saison Dupont -- both authentic Belgian saisons -- as well as The Bruery of Orange County's "Saison Rue" and North Coast Brewery's incomparable "Le Merle."

We invite your feedback. Tell us how the tasting went....